Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Strong Front...

The doors are open and the sign is up. A prominent display, the logo reads in solid red, white, and black, 360 Combat Club - KRAV MAGA.

In Orange County of Southern California, the city of Tustin has welcomed "Contact Combat" to its El Camino Plaza. The smell of fresh mats and a sense of power greet you as you enter the studio beneath the "Combat for a Modern World" banner.

An assortment of backgrounds-- housewives, law enforcers, professionals, laborers, athletes, fighters, entertainers. Collected students range from young to old, fat to fit, local to foreign, and beginner to advanced, but they join together for an hour a day, eagerly awaiting the defensive techniques and counter-attack maneuvers of Krav Maga from the skilled instructors that stand before them.

Intense. Useful. Healthy. Aggressive. Fitness. Challenging. Empowering. Training. Reaction. Response. Real-life Situations. Practical self-defense.

Be confident. Be strong. Be safe.